Automatic aluminum profile bending machine WS 790


This machine represents a specialized piece of equipment designed for bending aluminum profiles, including facade, door, and window structures. Its functionality is aimed at the precise and efficient processing of aluminum profiles required in the construction and architectural fields. Using this machine in the production process gives the undeniable advantage of eliminating redundant logistical steps and increasing the speed of production of the end product. It is related to its ability to accurately form profiles according to specified parameters, which reduces time and material costs, as well as increases the overall efficiency of the working process. The machine is becoming an indispensable tool for enterprises engaged in the production of aluminum structures, providing high quality and high precision when working with the material.

  • Reducing time to produce the end product
  • Lack of complex supply chains 
  • Lower cost of aluminum profile bending
  • Convenient and intuitive software interface
  • High-quality and affordable service

Technical specifications of  WS 790