About the company

Today, the market for metal-plastic windows is experiencing a development boom, which results in the emergence of new progressive solutions and developments in this industry. An increase in the number of manufacturers, an increase in various offers and a variety of product ranges significantly increase the level of competition, which entails the search for new, non-standard solutions. After all, it is becoming increasingly difficult to pursue rising service standards, and the consumer himself is becoming more picky. As a result of this situation in the market, there are trends that small-scale production is simply not able to compete.

The WiseService company offers software products, new developments in equipment, innovative development paths and information services that are aimed at improving the welfare of window companies. Automation of window production is an important step in developing your business and bringing it to a new, higher quality level, as well as establishing yourself in the market and declaring yourself as a high-class professional in a specific field of business activity. We have extensive experience both in setting up existing equipment and in developing new high-tech systems, in particular software.