Window business consulting

We often have to deal with a situation where a window company is developing well, but its activities are built on the talent of one person, the director himself. However, at one point the scale of production increases and controllability, therefore, becomes sharply more complicated. As a result of this phenomenon, production capacity decreases, the company becomes less agile and no longer reacts so quickly to new decisions and ideas of its director.

Or there are radically opposite situations, when it would seem that everything is there for the successful development of window production - equipment, high-quality consumables, and professional staff, but still something is missing. Namely, organizing and putting things in order throughout this large enterprise.

Instead of developing the company, finding ways to develop, reducing costs and increasing profits, the functioning of production is left to chance. The result is deplorable: the company seems to exist, but there are no signs of activity.


The company “WiseService” offers such a service as “Optimization consulting”.

Consulting allows you to create a communication and operational business model that is precisely adjusted to the existing conditions of the enterprise and which is completely free of losses in efficiency. The prescribed model of the enterprise is aimed at clarity and accuracy in the implementation of regulations for each employee in such a way that his activities are absolutely fully coordinated with other links in the organization and fully meet the requirements and requirements of the enterprise for the production of metal-plastic structures.

Consulting for the window business is aimed at ensuring that the director’s orders are not only strictly followed, but also executed exactly as he formulated them, so that the speed of order fulfillment is as specified in the order, so that each employee knows the degree of his responsibility in the general production line.

In general, window business consulting is a systematic approach to eliminating efficiency losses, blind spots in production management, and communication gaps. This is a unique service that was developed by WiseService specialists for window industries that are experiencing temporary difficulties.


To enable operational control by the enterprise and its individual production functionalities, “key performance indicators” are selected. This allows you to routinely receive complete information regarding the performance of entire departments and employees individually, and assess the quality and workload.

Imagine a control panel for your window business, where you can observe the performance indicators of the enterprise in real time, highlighting various types of deviations from the norm.


- identify the causes of problems by analyzing information;

- monitor important areas of activity and prevent potential problems;

- find optimal solutions, manage processes and people, and, in general, lead the business in the right direction.