Automatic measuring stop WSU 3000


The automatic measuring stop is an innovative device designed for automated adjustment of length and cut-off of any material on various types of saws. Integrated sensors ensure an automatic transition to the next size, thereby minimizing the likelihood of rejects and significantly increasing the operator's productivity. The use of this machine with a flat bed allows the efficient handling of materials for the production of PVC windows. The system remembers an unlimited number of optimizations and the automatic stop will make the measuring and processing more efficient and comfortable. The resulting solution is the perfect combination of innovation and convenience, delivering high-quality production.

  • The production speed on the site increases by 20% due to the use of sensors for automatic transition to the next size
  • Automatic length measurement and reduction of human factor influence on production
  • Built-in equipment operation statistics
  • Convenient and intuitive program interface
  • Possibility of connecting to a local network
  • High-quality equipment that does not require constant maintenance
  • Possibility to order equipment of individual length
  • Easy adjustment
  • Technical assistance in case of necessity

Technical specifications of WSU 3000