Automatic feeding roller with ejection device WSR 7001


The automatic feeding roller table was designed by Wise Service engineers for sawing PVC profiles in a simple and controlled automatic mode. The profile feeding system is carried out using a CNC-controlled clamp, ensuring a precise and smooth process. The driving is carried out by a powerful servo motor, guaranteeing optimal speed and reliability in operation. The linear travel of the clamp is carried out through a rack and pinion, ensuring maximum dimensional accuracy when sawing. Furthermore, the equipment is fitted with an automatic workpiece ejection device, ensuring high productivity of the sawing process.

  • Automatic feeding, transition, positioning, cutting, and transfer
  • CNC control system
  • Can be integrated with any single-head saw with a bottom feed
  • Pneumatic holder, which ensures precise positioning of the profile
  • Increasing sawing speed up to 1,700 units per 8 shift hours 
  • Simplifying the work of employees, the ability to perform other operations in parallel
  • High cutting precision
  • High-quality and affordable service

Technical specifications of WSR 7001