Automatic fitting screwing center WS 910


The automatic fitting screwing center is a highly efficient piece of equipment designed to increase the volume of leaf production, thanks to the complete automation of the fitting screwing process. The operator ties the leaf with fittings manually, after which the machine automatically performs the screwing process on three sides according to predetermined sizes. Once the process is complete, the machine automatically moves to the next specified size. This equipment allows to optimize production processes, increasing the efficiency and accuracy of the screwing of fittings. Automated transition between sizes reduces time and eliminates human errors, making leaf production faster and more reliable.

  • Automatic screwing of fittings – operator functionality is reduced twice 
  • High screwing accuracy and automatic transition to the next size 
  • Minimizing operator involvement in the production process
  • Convenient and intuitive software interface
  • High-quality and affordable service

Technical specifications of  WS 910