Center for milling holes on the leaf to fit the lock & handle with metal WS 707


The handle and lock hole milling center makes holes to fit the lock and handle in the profile with metal. Using this center allows you to make holes without machining centers, plasma cutters, or manual labor anymore. The holes in the metal do not subsequently rust, which ensures the durability of the door locks. An automatic milling machine not only offers high accuracy and speed but also has a positive impact on the image of any enterprise.

  • High productivity of the working process
  • The manufacturing speed of all technological holes coincides with the window manufacturing cycle
  • High-precision hole milling 
  • Unlimited number of customizable templates to fit the lock
  • Increase in usable production area 
  • Optimization of work in this production site
  • High-quality and affordable service
  • Easy equipment setup

Technical specifications of WS 707