Automatic guillotine for metal chopping WS 7050


The automatic metal chopping guillotine provides a solution that enables efficient reinforcement of workpieces along with cutting. It features automatic cut placement recognition, which simplifies and speeds up the working process. This station transforms manufacturing operations, moving from a "dirty production step" to a "clean" and convenient process. Effective use of this equipment significantly reduces rejection rate and optimizes production time for end products, ensuring higher quality and efficiency in production processes.

  • Automatic cutting – the process time is reduced by 2 times
  • CNC control system
  • Electronic feed, which ensures precise metal positioning
  • Low percentage of rejects
  • Feed buffer for 15 workpieces up to 7 meters long
  • Chopping cycle – 7 seconds
  • Ability to work on assignments from third-party programs
  • Cutting speed increases up to 1,900 units per 8 shift hours
  • The automation of the process allows the operator's time to be saved for related operations (e.g. reinforcing)

Technical specifications of WS 7050