Logistics warehouse for glass residues WS 700


Logistics warehouse for glass residues is a modular cassette-type warehouse designed for efficient storage of usable glass leftover. The compact and ergonomic design of the warehouse ensures easy installation and maximum usability, as well as high load-bearing capacity, making it an ideal choice for enterprises involved in glass processing and storage. The unique feature of the optional mobile trolley makes the loading and unloading of glass from the cells significantly easier, making the process more efficient and safer. An innovative approach to organizing warehouse space and its functional features will make working with sheet glass more efficient and convenient.

  • High percentage of glass liquidity is maintained
  • Easy scalability of modular storage capacity
  • Automatic distribution of usable leftovers according to the cutting chart
  • Possibility to automate the process by adding an 
  • automatic trolley      High-quality and affordable service

Technical specifications of  WS 700