Automatic positioner for the installation of striking plates WS 301


The machine for automatic installation of striking plates is a highly efficient equipment designed for the automated installation of fittings, such as striking plates, onto the frame and impost before welding. To put the CNC into operation, all you have to do is scan the workpiece and the carriage automatically moves to the desired coordinates. After scanning, the screen displays the part article, names, and coordinates for installing the striking plates. Moreover, the desired cell with fittings is highlighted for the operator's convenience. Automatic installation of taps using this equipment not only optimizes working processes but significantly increases the speed of assembly at this stage.

  • High output and speed of the production process
  • Minimizing operator involvement in the production process
  • Lack of templates for fittings 
  • Cycle time for machining one workpiece is reduced to 7 seconds
  • High-quality production process 
  • Reducing the number of rejects due to automation of manual labor
  • Convenient and intuitive software interface
  • High-quality and affordable service

Technical specifications of WS 301