Automatic double-head screwdriver WS 208


The automatic double-head screwdriver is a machine operating on computer-controlled servo motors, specially designed for effective reinforcement in PVC profiles. This machine features two operating modes. Switching between them is straightforward thanks to a special switch. It is possible to work based on uploaded data and identification through barcode scanning. The software allows you to select the distance between the self-tapping screws and also automatically determines the location of the holes to fit the handle. In the “lamination” mode, the self-tapping screws are screwed in at a reduced pitch, ensuring perfect fixation. This stationary double automatic screwdriver is a reliable assistant in the production of window systems.

  • Increasing production speed by 75% 
  • Automatic pulling of the workpiece – reducing the influence of the human factor on production
  • Individual adjustment of the pitch of the self-tapping screws for white and laminated profiles
  • Swift readjustment according to the profile width
  • Built-in system for detecting handle or lock on the workpiece
  • Adjustment of the correct technological process of reinforcement      
  • Full statistics of equipment operation, including counting the number of screws used
  • Increasing the wear resistance of equipment through the use of servo motors     
  • Possibility of completing with inclined roller table

Technical specifications of WS 208